About us

MinHcom Vietnam is specialized in software engineering, and particularly in the development of business applications in agile mode, with Java standard technology and those related to mobile technologies, Android, Cross-Platform (Cordova, Corona).

Founded and led by a core group of software experts mastering the Offshore models, MinHcom Vietnam is currently composed of 15 engineers with an average experience of almost 5 years.

Minh com is an international network of skilled IT professionals specialized in web and mobile application development as well as the integration of business intelligence and cyber-security solutions. Minhcom's affiliated experts are based in Vietnam, Morocco, France, UAE and Singapore (Headquarters)

Minhcom Vietnam

304 CT3 Yen Hoa
Cau Giay - Hanoi

Email: hanoi@minhcom.com
Tel: 09 45 66 19 04

Minhcom headquarter

105 Cecil Street,
#06-02K The Octagon
Singapore 069534

Email: singapore@minhcom.com

Operational models

Rigorous work organization with clearly defined roles and mode of operation of the project team and by using wisely the timezone difference can reduce or even negate any impact related to the offshore location of the project teams

Business area
Operational business - Project owner

Technicofunctionnal area
- Analyst
- Ergonomist
- Designer
- Qualifier
- Technical architect
- Development leader
- Developer
- Sofware integrator

Production area
System integrators - Support